Bobby Dixon has been performing in shows since he was 4 years old. He began his show business career in water shows and sports shows…performed in his first comedy stage play at age 7…his first magic show at 10, and was doing standup comedy at age 12. He was doing comedy juggling, comedy high-diving from 15 meters, and comedy flying trapeze by age 18. During these early years, he was also a multi-talented athlete and world-class gymnast. After studying comedy acrobatics with the legendary Larry Griswold, Bobby began performing a comedy act with a 3 meter diving board and a trampoline. He retired his comedy diving act after 33 years and thousands of performances on 5 continents, and after making it one of the most popular (and most copied) comedy acts in Europe. Since then he has been performing visual comedy together with the much younger, much smarter, and much prettier member of Comedy Unlimited…Anoushka.


Anoushka, who is Dutch, began “performing” when she lived in Chicago as a young girl. She loved cartoons and the comedy TV shows of the time. She was especially fascinated by the timeless comedy of Lucille Ball, Lily Tomlin, and Carol Burnett, so she studied their styles and began emulating them. After returning to Holland, she studied piano, singing, tap dance, and pantomime. She attended the National Dutch Circus School, following a general circus arts program and discovering her natural talents for clowning, juggling and the low wire. Since turning Comedy Unlimited into a duo, Anoushka has been in charge of the musical and technical aspects, design and sewing of the costumes, as well as having a major input of very creative and funny ideas into the acts and performances. She has a natural “feel” for music, comedy nuance, and for choosing people from the public to “assist” in some of the acts. 


 Comedy Unlimited has performed on the largest stage in Europe, in TV shows on 5 continents, for shows seating 3000 for dinner, and on very small stages as well. One of their greatest strengths is that they are able to adapt (content & costumes), having worked corporate events for companies such as Toyota, Bayer, Danone, Mercedes, and a New Years Eve party for the top 300 clients of the largest insurance company in Germany (to name just a few)…to doing complete two-man shows for schools and the Costa cruise line. Variety shows, cruise ships, circus, revues, musical theater, sport shows, galas, historic street markets, comedy festivals, TV, amusement parks, casinos, botanical gardens, night clubs, indoors, outdoors…it makes no difference to Bobby & Anoushka. They adapt. Bobby & Anoushka are very creative. Several of the acts that they present were developed to fit the theme of a particular show or at the special request of a director or choreographer. They also love working with and being with other creative people!

With their many different characters and costumes, Bobby & Anoushka are the perfect choice for shows with themes such as western, samurai, riverboat, India, burlesque, Chinese, vaudeville, and magic, as well as traditional variety type shows for all ages. Since Anoushka is a certified seamstress, she is able to design and sew costumes for any show theme or special request.

Bobby and Anoushka both speak Dutch, English, German, and some Spanish.The small bits of talking which they have in some of their acts they can also do in French, Italian, Portuguese, all Scandinavian languages, and any other language, when necessary.

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