Experience – Talent – Adaptability – Variety – Creativity – Humor

That is Bobby & Anoushka of Comedy Unlimited

Comedy can be different in different countries… 

That is why Bobby & Anoushka are always aware of their public when they are performing 


People need to laugh…
Especially in times of crisis. Laughter makes people feel good and forget their problems for a while


People want variety…
They want to hear new jokes and see new, original comedy acts, skits, parodies, and characters


Their many years of experience performing comedy in Europe, America, Asia, and South America
has given them an extraordinary “feel” for what will work in every situation

Bobby & Anoushka possess all of the qualities necessary for great  comedy

They are proud of the new and original comedy bits that they are constantly developing

Their originality and ability to adapt to all types of shows is why they have been able to bring laughter to audiences in
variety shows, amusement parks, historic street markets, circuses, casinos, children’s shows, musical comedies, dinner shows, and cruise ships

Their repertoire ranges from 2½ minute reprises to a complete 1 hour show